Sigil Finance
Sigil Finance removes the stress and complexity of managing a portfolio with the power of decentralized mutual funds.
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Sigil Finance is an Ethereum-based platform that brings the multi-trillion dollar industry of mutual funds to DeFi. On our platform, anybody can be a fund manager and you can invest in your community, not Wall Street.
At the core of Sigil Finance are Sigil pools. These pools operate as a modernized version of a traditional mutual fund. This allows you to have a diverse and profitable portfolio built and managed for you.
1. Select a Sigil pool
You can view a pool's past performance and risk rating to make your decision
2. Deposit ETH into the pool
On deposit, you will receive a tokenized share in the pool proportionate to the value you put in.
3. Sit back and relax!
Your funds will be traded for you by the pool's manager
$SIGIL is the token at the heart of the Sigil Finance. It provides utility to the platform and rewards its holders, giving the community something to rally around.
You can stake $SIGIL to earn platform fees on Sigil.